English Bulldog Care and Health Problems

Learn How To Protect And Lengthen The Life of your English Bulldog.
How To Protect And Lengthen The Life of your English Bulldog
English Bulldog Health Problems

Dear Friend,
Don’t you wish you could give your bulldog a happy, healthy and long life?
That's what I want to teach you!
It’s so true –
Bulldogs are The Best Dogs on the Planet!
I know they are, because I have one I love more than anything!
When you look at a bulldog, you realize that they’re really genetic wonders! That big head, those broad shoulders, that squishy nose.

Thanks to generations of specialized breeding, their large heads, flat noses, broad shoulders and small hips make them one of the most unique-looking dogs in existence.

Unfortunately, all that specialized breeding has also resulted in a host of health problems being bred right into these lovable creatures.
 And many of these health problems can be deadly to your bulldog if they are not treated properly or early enough.

As we all know, Bulldogs Don’t Come With Any Health Guarantees!
And don't expect those so-called one year guarantees from breeders fool you. It's a very rare and exceptional breeder who will actually honor that guarantee.
 Anyway, you don't want to get into that sort of situation in the first place.

In fact, because the bulldog is a very stoic breed that doesn't’t yelp in pain, it makes it that much more difficult to know when they are suffering.
The bottom line is that your bulldog could be suffering from one or more health problems this very minute, and you may not even realize it.

Let me ask you . . .
  • Does your bulldog have multiple health problems that no vet can seem to figure out? 
  • Are you feeling helpless watching your bulldog suffer from skin problems, vomiting, respiratory and eye disease every time another temporary cure fails them?
  • Do you constantly worry about losing your bulldog to a strange disease or medical condition that you don't know what to do about?
If you have a bulldog or want to get one, you owe it to yourself and your dog to know: 
  •  How to recognize life-threatening bulldog conditions
  •  Did you know that Bulldogs rank #1 for Hip Dysplasia?
  •  Tips on how to keep your bulldog healthy and happy
  •  Easy, cost-effective ways to care for your bulldog
  •  What you need to know about bulldog breathing - how bad it really is
  •  The number one killer of bulldogs, maybe not what you think!
  •  The sneaky, stealthy, sudden killer of bulldogs
  •  The most common eye problems, illustrated
  •  Skin rashes, allergies, and what you can do about them, with and without a vet
  •  All kinds of orthopedic problems due to breeding
  •  Those cute wrinkles that serve as breeding grounds for fungus
  •   The bulldog stomach and how it works.          
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