Clicker Training, a Positive Training for Dogs - Guide and Videos

Are you tired of reading endless debates between positive and correction-based dog trainers? I know I am...
"Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer"!
Clicker training - the 4 Secrets of
Becoming a Supertrainer
Many "positive trainers" accuse correction-based trainers of violence and abuse, and they say that punishment is not effective. Trainers who use punishment on the other hand, want you to believe that positive training is not enough to achieve a reliable result. They tell you that if you train with food the dog will only respond if you have food in your hands etc. So who´s right and who´s wrong?      

Well, they are both right - and they are both so wrong!

First, let me tell you straight up: I hate correction-based training! I can´t stand the thought of my dog coming when I call him because he is afraid of what´s going to happen to him if he doesn´t come.
Hey, I like dogs! I want them to be happy and there´s no way I´ll train like that.

BUT, I would never say that correction-based training does not work. Of course it works! Dogs are not stupid. They are survivors. If they have to walk on a loose leash or come when called to avoid pain, they will. Violent husbands sometimes have very "obedient" wives, too. But that someting "works" does NOT mean it´s good.

So, what about positive dog training? Well, first of all I don´t call myself a "positive dog trainer". Because it is not about "being nice". It´s about being good!

It´s not about positive training - it´s about SUPERTRAINING!

Meet Emma. She is the kind of dog trainer who is able to solve ANY kind of dog problem. No matter what kind of dog, no matter what kind of behavior problem. 
Emma knows exactly how to analyze the problem, design a training plan and fix it. And dogs just love her!

Emma used to be just like most other dog owners. She believed that advanced dog training was only for experts with special talents (you know, like the "dog whisperers" on TV).
But then Emma learned about Clicker Training and the 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer.
And when you know these secrets your life changes. Because now you always know where to look for solutions when you want to fix a problem, teach a new behavior or improve your training.

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